Frequently Asked Questions

Karma itself is impersonal and beyond good and bad. Karma is the energetic expression of cause and effect that governs the actions of all life. Karma simply means that what you do, or did, comes back to you in full and in kind. It is the spiritual law of balance that encompasses all present and past- life activity. The karmic energy you generate carries your own signature and reflects back into your life like an echo. This process is as exacting and impersonal as gravity. The two universal spiritual laws of karma and reincarnation work together. They are called spiritual laws because they are not human-made nor are they physical laws that can be objectively measured. “Karma is generated by your thoughts, words, and actions and the Soul has complete awareness of all of this. As you become more aware of yourself at the Soul level, you start a process of growth that shortens the karmic cycle. This leads you to start taking greater responsibility for all your thoughts and actions because you are seeing the effects of them a lot sooner.

Since it affects everyone, like it or not, my primary interest is for you to make karma your friend. Why? In brief, making friends with karma can lead to greater material success and spiritual freedom. Quite simply, understanding karma can allow you to take control of your life now and become the conscious cause of future events and circumstances. The idea is to make these events positive, instead of negative. In other words, making karma your friend will put good fortune on your side. This is your creative birthright as Soul. “The law of karma is the ultimate expression of self-responsibility.”

You share karma, to some extent, with everyone in your circle of influence or exchange. They would not be in your world unless you had some, even minimal karmic affinity or resonance with them. You obviously share a deeper karmic bond with your love partner or spouse. I would safely say that all love attractions are initially based on shared karma or karmic resonance.

The process works regardless of belief in past-lives or reincarnation. My clients who suffer the consequences today of past-life trauma don’t have to believe in reincarnation for this process to work. A great testament to the validity of Soul Journeys and the reality of past-lives is that it’s effective with believers as well as non-believers. By recalling and reliving past-lives, experiences between lives, and beyond, rapid change can result. It only takes cooperation in the process, not belief, to get results. “I have found that the influence of past-lives is a lot like the influence of gravity. They influence us all whether we believe they do or not.

There is a distinct difference between remembering and reliving past-lives. A past-life recalled is not always a past-life resolved. If this was the case, a good psychic could just tell you what happened in a past-life that has caused your present life problem or condition, and with that information you would be cured. To resolve this hypnotic effect of past-life trauma you must re-experience the past-life in full-consciousness. We can then discharge the painful emotion stored in the experience. The emotional charges from these past-lives must be completely resolved. “Past-life recalled is not always a past-life resolved.” “Unless you are able to neutralize the painful emotion charges these memories carry, you will be at the mercy of their influence like puppets on a string, reacting to random cues in your environment all the time.

Between lifetimes the Soul has a much greater awareness of itself as a spiritual being beyond the limitations of a physical body. This is where you meet with loved ones and your Soul Group, review past-lives, see the source and nature of Karmic Relationships, receive specialized training, or learn higher spiritual truths. The between-life state is where Soul comes to terms with where you have been and where you are going next.

Soul Journeys is not Hypnotic Past-life Regression. Past-life trauma is hypnotic and therefore has a hypnotic effect in the present. These past-life memories are closer to the surface than you actually realize. To break this spell of hypnosis we use Soul Journeys to return to the past in full-consciousness. This breaks the hypnotic impact of past trauma and fear, which can hold you hostage emotionally.

Dreams are instructive, informative, healing, and enlightening. One question I ask right away is if someone has had recurrent dreams or nightmares. Even though such dreams can rattle the conscious mind, they surface with a strong emotional charge to point out some important issue or information. There is a valuable message contained in such dreams. Often these dreams offer fragments of past-life trauma, either literally presented by the unconscious or censored and disguised symbolically to accommodate a lack of acceptance of reincarnation. Dreams are just another avenue to open pathways for you, as Soul, to glimpse and experience more of the divine drama.

There is generally no need to have assistance after a session. Often clients enjoy the private time to reflect on what they’ve been through before sharing it with others. When sessions are done you might feel a little fatigued, but often lighter and clearer. A good night’s sleep is all that’s necessary.

Taping of sessions is not allowed unless it’s for training purposes. The blow-by-blow details of a particular session are not needed or necessarily wanted for review. The basic story and content of the experience will stay with you.

It’s natural to feel anxious or nervous prior to your first Soul Journey sessions. This is the ego or conscious mind’s response to facing unknown and deeply buried unconscious material. Soul embraces the opportunity for change, but the ego fears it. New and even repeating clients often have to push themselves past such anxiety. It’s a sign that significant and valuable material is waiting to be resolved.

Fears, Phobias, Fear of success and failure, Fear of intimacy, Fear of abandonment, Trust issues, Anger, Authority issues, Depression, Manic/Depression, Low self-worth or self-esteem, Anxiety attacks, Panic attacks, Dysfunctional relationships, Childhood abuse, Chronic pain and other physical complaints, Migraines, Present-life trauma, Chronic patterns of dysfunction, Sexual dysfunction, Unwanted emotional attachments, Obsessions, Compulsions, Fixations, Molesationt trauma, Incest trauma, Birth trauma, Pre-natal residues, Exaggerated emotional reactions, Amnesia, Physical symptoms.

Access hidden or blocked talents, Life purpose, Identifying love or karmic ties, Contacting spiritual guides and teachers, Contacting deceased loved ones, Spiritual insight. Any chronic, exaggerated, emotional response is symptomatic of a past-life memory.