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"Charles Richards has an impressive capacity to take a concept that would otherwise be quite foreign to me, past-life regression, and make it not only accessible but amazingly useful and powerful. His approach sheds new light on the instinctive connections we have with people --- both positive and negative --- as well as leading to a whole new level of understanding of choices we make, fears, anxieties, patterns we repeat, and struggles that hold us back.

Neither life nor reality as you know it are likely to be the same once you have read this book."

Judith Light, Actress | Los Angeles, California

"My entire life I have been struggling with the issue of open communication to those around me. I felt like I needed to keep information inside of me. Letting it out would be harmful or cause me to lose power or position. Not only was the general psychotherapy helpful, but the Soul Journey I took showed me why I was afraid to open my mouth. Now I feel free to share my words and thoughts with those around me, regardless of the circumstances! My wife has loved this change in me (so have I!), opening up our relationship. I have also noticed a sense of calm inside myself that wasn't there before. I now know that I am an eternal Soul with a purpose to my life. This has made me a happier, calmer person with less stress and fewer worries. Thank you!"

Mike | San Diego, California

"I know that the transition from emotional agony to loving resolve was made quickly because of the kind of therapy I received with you. The karmic issues that bound me were released and within a couple of weeks the energy in my self shifted and therefore, affected my marriage in a positive way. It is amazing to me that one afternoon (4 hours) could have such a profound affect on my life. I am grateful to you and your technique. Another wonderful result of the emotional clearing I have experienced is the return of my sexual energy, which has permeated every aspect of my existence. I feel excited about being able to recreate my life. Thank you!"

Carolina | Los Angeles, California

"Some weeks have gone by since our session and I wanted to write to you. I was, and still am, filled with positive energy and reconnected with myself. The old Leni full of ideas, creativity, spirituality, self-esteem showed up again. I am more open with people again, make weekly new and exciting encounters.

Thanks for the wonderful experience."

Leni | Alaska

It has been close to 4 months since my two (4 hour) sessions with you. The issues which were uncovered included anger, abandonment and dealing with the death of loved ones. I also suffered from headaches and migraines on a semi-regular basis.

In two of my past-lives you assisted in the release of pain from the neck, and in all the sessions, you dealt with the issues of anger, death and being isolated.

I am writing to tell you that in these past 4 months, I have had no neck headaches or migraines. I am less agitated and aggressive towards people who invade my space, and my husband has certainly noticed that I do not throw temper tantrums and “hissy-fits” for no apparent reason. I have become calmer, more thoughtful and I actually feel some inner peace!

I know for a fact that if I hadn’t come to visit you and gone through my three past lives, I would still be stuck in a state of unpleasantness and bitterness and may have worsened. You have worked wonders on my soul and I can’t thank you enough for your insight, wisdom and quiet understanding!

Thank you for helping my soul and my being move forward.

Julie | Brisbane, Australia

Dear Dr. Richards,

I just wanted to tell you how our session has changed things for me. In just one session with you, I was able to see the karmic connection that kept me going in and out of a dysfunctional relationship for nearly eleven years! Neither one of us was happy with it, yet books and traditional counseling did not help.

Although you said the results would not be obvious at first, I have felt such a strong sense of relief in the past two weeks since our session. It is like a huge weight of guilt and frustration has been lifted from me, and I no longer feel any need to repeat the old patterns. Interestingly, my former partner also seems to have gained some of this release from our karmic baggage, even though he was not in the session.

My friends are intrigued at the apparent change and I am telling them all that it is thanks to my work with you. I am very grateful and will highly recommend you to anyone I know who wants to learn more about their karmic connections and how to be free of those that do not serve them.

Thank you!

Caitlin | San Diego, California

Dear Dr. Richards,

Thank you for healing me. I struggled with bi-polar disorder for most of my life; melancholia reared its ugly head in my life at five, and started getting more serious, with the onset of migraines when I was nine. By the time I was eleven I was missing almost two months of school each year. I was a ‘gifted’ student, but due to my extreme depressive episodes and manic emotional outbursts my grades slipped rapidly in the seventh grade. I was socially handicapped, and could not relate to my classmates, mostly because I could not understand why they could play and laugh and seem so free when I was in the pit of despair. For a long time I tried to conceal this difference but it became increasingly difficult to hide. It was shameful and humiliating. I really thought that there was something wrong with me, inherently wrong with me as a human being. I was so angry, tired, confused and emotionally scattered that it literally affected every part of my life.

In the fourth grade, I was being sent to the school counselor due to my emotional problems and she diagnosed me with bi-polar and it was suggested that I seek outside counseling. Because of my mother's financial situation, that option was not possible for me, so I continued to manage the best I could. The only thing that kept me from suicide at that point, because I really was close, was the hope/belief/faith that when I was older and had my own money I could seek treatment. I didn't really know if there was a treatment but I prayed every day that I would find it eventually. I made a pact with myself that until I had exhausted every resource, and tried everything there was to try that would help me, I would not take my own life. From my very soul I swear that is the only thing that saved me.

Since then, I have seen therapists, psycho-pharmacologists, hypnotists, NLP specialists, been to AA/NA/SLAA (never had a drinking problem but, what the heck, it was free), spiritual seminars, landmark education seminars, acupuncturists, dieticians, and homeopaths. I have never been hospitalized because I cannot, do not and will not harm myself or others but nearly dropped out of high school sophomore year because I missed two months of class because I could not make it 30 minutes without crying uncontrollably over the negative and disabling thoughts I was having. I have taken neurontin, celexa, Prozac, pretty much tried all the pharmacological treatments deemed safe for me but they provided me little or only short term relief.

I have been relatively stable for five years initially from the pharmaceutical treatments and therapy (the first 3 stable years). The pills helped initially for a year and a half, and helped me to learn a little about what healthy people might feel like although I still had bouts lasting two weeks to a month. But I had more time in the 'even' mode than I had had before.

Last September, over a year ago I went to see Dr. Charles Richards. I was extremely depressed, hopeless and panicky. I cried on the phone to him while making the appointment. But the (three 4 hour) treatments I received from him have given me the first hypo-manic and depression- free period I’ve had in my life. I now have more clarity, function and drive than I have ever had. I have been completely free of the episodes now. I am told daily of the change the work has given to me every day from my friends, my family, and those I work with. I am more effective and powerful than I have ever been in my life. It is really like the fog in my head is clear, the vice around my head is gone, and the mud-covered glasses have slipped off my face and shattered on the floor. I have always in my heart known and believed that life could be like this. Only now I am living it and experiencing my life in wonder.

Thank you for being the answer to my prayers.

Jennifer | Los Angeles

I experienced a very violent childhood and an unhappy marriage of 14 years. Even though I’ve had extensive training in college, specialized art schools, and have painted for many years, I was never able to build even a small body of work for publication. I had nearly every learning disability that exists, all diagnosed.

All my relationships were difficult, and I was emotionally sensitive and over-reactive. I had deep seated insecurities, fears, and low self-esteem.

I did all the available therapies for 15 years and spent thousands on Jungian, traditional therapies, EMDR, visualization, affirmations, spiritual and religious counseling, inner child groups, groups for abused women, anger work and many other methods of psychological and spiritual healing modalities.

I also explored alternative (healing) methods, nutritional and otherwise. You name it I’ve tried it faithfully. None of these healing modalities made a dent in my issues. They just didn’t’ work for me. I found at long last the direct route. Neutralization of the original wound by direct encounter. I asked Dr. Richards to take me to the lifetimes responsible for the problem, for instance learning disabilities. We went directly to the trauma and relieved it. Gone forever. Then I wanted to resolve whatever was keeping me from finishing my paintings. I relived it and am producing paintings every week now. People say I look as though I’m much lighter. I feel calm, grateful for what I have, productive, and cheerful. When I do visualizations and affirmations now, they actually work as the secret, silent sabotaging energy from the past life traumas is gone. Every week seems to open up new doors. The effects of the first sessions are still revealing new areas of ideas and inspirations and positivity I’ve never experienced before. I’m continuing to improve. This is a pretty amazing process. Thank you Dr. Charles for developing such a phenomenal, non-invasive, subtle, yet extremely effective healing modality which heals permanently. Thanks you Dr. Charles. My destiny is in my own hands now….emotionally, financially, professionally, and spiritually. Sincerely,

Helen | San Diego