Soul Journey Therapy

The Soul Journeys process was designed to provide a glimpse in full- consciousness (without hypnosis) of the bigger picture of why we are here and how we can more easily navigate the dharma (higher purpose) of our life and relationships.

Soul Journey therapy is systematic and allows clients to recall and heal the invisible emotional wounds of the present and past-lives, prenatal, and the birth experience.

The unique, therapeutic feature of Soul Journeys is that once a core or key past-life or lives relating to a karmic pattern have been re-experienced and discharged, symptoms fall away and behavior changes almost instantaneously. Nonessential karmic residue has been removed, much like getting rid of unwanted baggage you’ve been carrying around your whole life. When your burdens are gone, suddenly you experience a freedom of mobility and expression that you accept as only natural. This happens without the typically long periods of therapy, analysis, or interpretation found in traditional psychotherapy modalities.

Soul Journeys can also allow clients to explore the in-between-life realm experienced after death or before birth. Such experiences can lead to great insight and enlightenment into who we are, what we are here to do, and where we are going. Here one can establish a more direct contact and exchange with spiritual guides and teachers. Clients are also able to awaken lost or blocked talents and skills from past-lives.

A New Breakthrough
Therapy System

Soul Journeys is based on the proven understanding that the eternal Self carries a detailed record of all we have ever experienced, conscious or unconscious, in this and all our past-lives. Dr. Richards helps clients to uncover core issues, which have debilitated, paralyzed, and plagued them with pain, suffering, and terror. Additionally, blocks, fears, repetitive patterns, and many physical symptoms are routinely resolved. In a state of full-consciousness clients may venture into realms where people who have had near-death experiences vividly describe.

"Soul Journeys has evolved over the years to become a way of allowing clients to experience any point of the history of their experience as Soul."